7 Tips for a Perfect Bulletproof Coffee

7 Tips for a Perfect Bulletproof Coffee

There’s nothing that a deep breath and a good cup of coffee can’t fix. That’s my motto. You may not know exactly what a bulletproof coffee is, but chances are you’ve at least heard of it. It’s gained popularity and become quite a trend lately.  You may also recognize it as fatty coffee, butter coffee, or rocket fuel latte, as it goes by a few different names. Whichever name you choose, they all refer to the same concept. A bulletproof coffee combines your favorite warm beverage with healthy sources of fat to create a delicious drink has tons of benefits and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. I prefer to enjoy mine first thing in the morning. It keeps me full and gives me great energy that lasts well into my day. The great thing about these coffees is that you can customize it to your own preferences and taste. It took me a little while of playing around with ingredients and flavors to eventually find one that is now my staple. I’ll break it all down for you and share with you my top 7 tips on creating your perfect bulletproof coffee!


1. Pick your coffee.

This may seem simple, but there are tons of options out there! Personally, I use an organic French roast because that’s what I prefer, but feel free to use any type of coffee you enjoy. If it’s late in the day, decaf may be a better option. You can even choose tea as your base! (Matcha latte, anyone?)

2. Collagen Peptides

Collagen is super beneficial to our health. It supports our hair, skin, nails, joints, and much more. I’ve been using a scoop of collagen powder every morning in my coffee for well over a year now and I can really feel the difference. I do a lot of running so protecting my joints is very important to me. But no matter your level of physical activity, collagen will be beneficial to you. I get mine from Vital Proteins. It’s a flavorless powder that can be added to anything hot or cold. I also find that this is a great way to sneak some extra nutrients into my kids! I put it in sauces, smoothies, and soups as well.

3. Choose your fats

This is the fun part! (Yes I get excited over this stuff….Hey, it’s the little things!) There are many options here. Personally, I add about a tablespoon of cacao butter and a tablespoon of MCT oil to my coffee. Cacao Butter is the edible oil that is extracted from the cacao bean and is packed with antioxidants. It usually is sold in chunks that resemble the look of white chocolate. MCT oil stands for medium chain triglycerides and is another excellent source of healthy fat and fuel for our brains. It comes in liquid form. I get both the cacao butter and MCT oil from Amazon.

Other fats that you can play around with adding to your coffee include: coconut oil, coconut butter, or butter (if you tolerate dairy).

4. Do you like cream in your coffee?

I used to be one of those people who liked a little coffee with my creamer…you know what I’m saying? There’s nothing wrong with that, but slowly my tastebuds have shifted and now I only use a small splash of coconut milk in mine. If you tolerate dairy well, then go ahead and add some heavy cream! If not, some other great non-dairy creamer options are Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer or Nutpods Dairy Free Creamer.

5. To sweeten or not to sweeten…

Stevia is usually my go-to if I’m feeling a little sweet. You can buy it granulated in packets or in liquid form. This is a much better and more natural option than Splenda, Sweet’n’Low, Equal…you get my drift?

6. Feeling fancy?

There are some extras I add to my bulletproof coffee from time to time. Cinnamon provides great flavor and adding a little sprinkle to the top will have you feeling like a barista! Hemp hearts are another fun option. These little guys are also rich in healthy fats and and nutrients. Feel free to play around with different flavors, but keep in mind, the goal is for this coffee to be high in healthy fats, but low in carbohydrates and sugar. So adding artificially flavored syrups, whipped cream, and chocolate chips may defeat the whole purpose.

7. Blend and enjoy!

Blending this coffee is the best way to drink it, in my opinion. It’s simple. Brew your coffee or tea as usual then pour it in the blender with the rest of your chosen ingredients. It will turn out super creamy and frothy! If you don’t blend it, you may end up with a layer of oil at the top of your coffee. I do suggest you make sure your blender can tolerate hot liquids before blending. I’ve learned that the hard way… It doesn’t have to be anything super expensive. The Nutri Bullet or Ninja blender work just fine!

This is the blender I use and I love it! It even comes with a food processor attachment.

I hope this inspires you all to create some amazing bulletproof coffees. Please share your recipes in the comments and let me know how you liked it! Cheers!


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